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Leadership and educational consultancy are two areas of intense interest of mine. Perhaps you need some leadership development in your organisation. Or maybe you need some advice on developing educational materials or mentoring for your adult educators.


Did you know that charismatic leadership can be taught? Were you aware that leading is a skill that can be developed and practised? Did you know that communication is a skill that can be taught systematically?
If you need leadership workshops or mentoring, I have penty of years experience studying and implementing this material to make a real difference in organisational life.

Adult Education

Having worked in the Australian VET sector for many years and delivered private training, you mat discover many valuable insights into effective assessment development, content delivery and communication in adult educational settings. 
i am happy to set up mentoring meetings for educators and to discuss the pracitcalities of designing and implementing valid and reliable assessment tools.

Writing & Speaking

Perhaps you have written resources realtd to health and wellbeing that need an expert, experienced writer's touch. I have many years of writing experience, anywhere from tehcnical, research based content to lengthy popular articles. My flare for the English language enables me to capture comple ideas with vivd, memorable storytelling.
Similarly, I am available for public speaking and educational workshops and seminars.

Samples of My Work

Below are three links to areas where I have done work in the past or continue to do work. This involes developing educational content (online and face-to-face delivery), explaining science in practical terms, and developing syllabus, assessment and leadership development for sport.

Humour and openness are powerful tools when it comes to connecting with people. Their power is amplified when combined with passionate belief and more than 20 years of experience speaking in public.

Be inspired! And rest assured that my inspirational words won't just be lolly water that is forgotten as soon as the meeting is over. If you want a dynamic, life changing event, then I can provide that for you. My experience spans anywhere from being a clown at kids' parties in my university days to teaching martial arts workshops, or human anatomy and physiology. Let me know the type of message you want delivered, and I'll make it happen.

Contact Me

If you have an event or a workshop you'd like me to be part of, or a project you think my expertise may help you with, please drop me a line in the contact form below.