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Change Fitness

I'd like to coach you how.

If you need to start a new habit or break an old one, then you are embarking on a journey of change. Growing your Change Fitness can help with that.

You can change yourself. Change Fitness is your capacity to handle any kind of change. Another way to think about it is to say that Change Fitness is how fit a person is to meet the demands that change requires. It's different to, complements and increases the effctiveness of other coaching or therapies. It's the key to breaking out of so many tight situations. 

It's important. The change you experience from any other intervention - whether coaching, psychological therapy or counselling - only succeeds because it either indirectly increases your Change Fitness or you have enough Change Fitness in relevant areas to succeed at the change process for that issue. Change Fitness is the foundation upon which all other changes occur. So if you want to succeed even more at change or if you have been getting some success in one or two areas but not elsewhere, the chances are that you could do with increasing your fitness. Not your exercise fitness, though. Rather, your Change Fitness!

Personal Change Fitness Program

A research backed program designed to grow your Change Fitness.

50 hours

Personalised learning

Up to 50 hours of personalised learning and deep reflection, backed by PhD research, all accessible online. To be completed over a three month period.

6 hours

Personalised Coaching

Approximately six hours of video (If we're too far away from each other) or face-to-face coaching to support you as you reflect upon and grow in your Change Fitness.


IRVEY Assessments

Independently validated by top scientific researchers, this unique online tool assesses your Change Fitness to track your progress before and after the PCFP.

Fitness is specific. Fitness is very specific. This means that if you want to be a marathon runner you have to train specifically for that and if you want to be a sprinter, you have train specifically for that. You can't do the same training for a marathon and expect to be an extremely fast sprinter. Your training must be specific to your goals. Sure, training for both of these will make you more fit, have more energy and increase your leg strength, but only when you specifically train for one or the other do you become truly great at it.

Preparing for change is the same. If you are to successfully navigate changes in life then you need to train specifically to handle those changes. Sure, you may get better at change by going through a big change, or getting mentoring or counselling for something in particular, but the process of change has a very particular structure. The different parts of the change process can all be targeted and developed. You can get fit for each of the stages of change in the same that you can get fit for a marathon, a sprint or a world strongman competition!

Detailed Information

Click below to download more information about the journey you'll embark on with the Personal Change Fitness Program (PCFP).

The Prospectus includes a brief background of the PCFP as well as an overview of the content.

Questions to Ask Before Committing to Change

There are three questions to consider deeply before you embark on the change journey.



All change has a number of different costs which not even be financial. They could be emotional, physical, time or other costs. If a new change beings and then costs too much, chances are you'll give up, which makes sense, doesn't it? I invite you to ask yourself the question: 

Am I prepared to pay the cost of change?



You may be prepared to pay the cost, but are you able to? Do you have the finances? Do you have the time? Do you have the physical or emotional resources? If you don't have these things, that's okay - can you obtain them somehow through things like education or asking for support from mentors? I invite you to ask yourself the question:

Do I have the capacity to make the change?



Finally, is now the time to make the hange? You may have other things you're working on which have greater priority. Perhaps you'll make the change later. Or perhaps you'll commit to making that change now. I invite you to ask yourself the question:

Do I have the opportunity to change?

This is an online course with video coaching calls. Change Fitness can be improved. This course is designed to improve your Change Fitness. In this regard, you will cover the same teaching content as anyone else who does the course. However, its power lies in the reflective questions you do after the teaching content, and further to that, in the coaching calls we have where we discuss the things you find most meaningful from the coruse. This course does improve people's Change Fitness. the question is, how much will you put into the reflective efforts? The more you enagge with the content, the more you can get out of it. I think you're worth the investment in time and effort, as well as money, and I'm sure you do, too!


$ 292.50 per fortnight
  • Six (6) fortnightly payments. Includes IRVEY and entire Personal Change Fitness Program.


$ 585 per month
  • Three (3) monthly payments. Includes IRVEY and entire Personal Change Fitness Program.


$ 1755 up front
  • One (1) up front payment of the total cost. Includes IRVEY and entire Personal Change Fitness Program.